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                       Our works
We are an enterprise seated in Berlin, which accomplishes assemblies of building and noise control elements competently, fast and reliably since 20 years. Our employees are young, qualified skilled workers with professional experience of several years in our field of activity.
Field of activities & products
Assemblies of high-sound-absorbing elements - steel doors, steel gates and direction windows in    accordance with construction supervision permission
   products of the companies IAS Siegburg
Assemblies of fire prevention doors- and gates
   products of the companies Teckentrupp, Riexinger, Effertz
Assemblies of industrie and garage - gates of various manufacturers
Assemblies of aluminum frontages and glazings
   e.g. from the Schueco company
Other construction elements like doors, windows
   products of the companies Schueco, Bayerwald, Wirus etc.
Noise control cabins / studio-builds
Our clients and insights into our work you will find on the REFERENCES - page